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About Us

The Jet Expert Award winning Licensed Pilot and his team with  more than 20 years experience now with the creative DMS Travel Group, a hand picked crew of aviation and travel experts offering:


  • Your Private Jet with a dedicated crew that knows and pilots your jet all the time 

  • Optional added Helicopter or Limo Transfers

  • Road Trip and Destination Planning

  • Most Exclusive Hotels and Resorts

Captain Jerry Perelman

Award winning Licensed Pilot with Land & Sea Instrument Certification, MA New York University, Government Administration,  travels to 5 continents and more than 45 countries, and a proud dad. 

Started www.jetexpert.us in 2010.  

CLIENTS include
Movie Actors and Actresses

Music Performers

Sports Figures

Wall Street and Main Street

Lottery Winners


Extraordinary people who will always remain private and confidential... just as you choose to be...

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Contact us 24/7 

NY: 1 (516) 680 - 6200

FL:  1 (561) 270 - 4350

Email: captainjerry@jetexpert.us 

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Captain Jerry Perelman.

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